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Parent Advisory Council: "PAC"


Welcome!  All parents and primary caregivers who have students registered at Quigley Elementary School are automatically a member of the school Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and are encouraged and welcome to attend monthly meetings.

We believe that by involving and informing parents we will have a more supportive and effective school environment for our children. It is up to us to work together to ensure our children have the best possible school experience.

We meet in the gym once a month at 6:15pm. Please reach out and email if you have any questions.

Dates for 2021 - 2022 Meetings:
Tuesday , March 8 
Tuesday , April 12
Tuesday , May 10
Tuesday , June 14

Currently held positions for the 2021-2022 year

PresidentAmanda Davies
Vice-PresidentSamantha Trarback
SecretaryTamara Freeman
TreasurerJessica Hall
Fund-raising CoordinatorChristine Wright, Caylee Zelter
COPAC RepresentativeTBD
Member-at-largeAmanda Cagnoni
Member-at-largeKelly Trabenik
Member-at-largeJuanita Neufeld
Member-at-largeTami Leskie

Constitution and By-laws:PAC Constitution and Bylaws.pdf

PAC Executive Job Descriptions:  QGE PAC Job Descriptions.pdf

September 2021 Meeting Minutes2021_09-14_Quigley Elementary PAC Meeting Minutes_to post.pdf

October 2021 Meeting Minutes Oct 21 Public Quigley Elementary PAC Meeting Minutes_to post.pdf

November 2021 Meeting Minutes Quigley Elementary Nov 21 PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

January 2022 Meeting Minutes Quigley Elementary PAC January 2022 Meeting Minutes.pdf

February 2022 Meeting Minutes Quigley Elementary PAC February 2022 Meeting Minutes.pdf

April 2022 Meeting Minutes April PAC Meeting Minutes 2022.pdf