Homework Tips for Parents

What is Homework?
Homework is . . . tasks that are assigned by teachers for completion at home!                   
AND it is also . . .
    * daily reviewing of material covered in class each week!
    * studying for tests and quizzes!
    * correcting assignments, tests, and quizzes!
    * organizing notebooks/binders!
    * completing agendas properly!
    * reading ~ assigned by the teacher or for pleasure and/or self improvement!
Recommended Math Websites:
1. Practice math online or print worksheets at home.
2. Some fun online games to practice basic math skills.
3. Create your own flashcards.
4. A great math site with all elementary levels (even preschool and kindergarten)
5. Practice timed math drills online.
6. Study basic facts using games and worksheets.
7. Quizzes on all math areas.

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(Description and Disclaimer:
The web sites listed below have been selected for their suitability and range of resources.
Some are commercial sites which include advertising or offer other services.
Parent supervision is recommended.)

Helpful Websites: