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Celebrating Reading with Indigo's Love of Reading Foundation

​In this year of Covid-19, Quigley has been celebrating reading with help from Indigo's Love of Reading Foundation! We were the fortunate recipients of a Covid emergency Grant equaling $6250.00. With this money, students selected titles for their home libraries, choosing books that spoke to their interests and abilities. When the books arrived, we had two days of happy gift giving, as students received their books to take home and keep. What an exciting, happy event for our students! Thank you Indigo for making our year better, for helping us to become better readers!!!

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To read is to fly.... Watch our Quasars soar!

​Our $50,000 Indigo grant will keep us busy for the next 3 years, so we want to highlight our progress in this space. Our first order of books is in, and we are excited to take some Quigley ambassadors to Indigo to choose books for our library. We are accepting recommendations for book suggestions, so please pass your favorite titles on to the library for consideration. Thank you Indigo!​


Indigo Invasion! QGE Goes Shopping

In September, a group of Quigley students spent an early morning at Indigo Kelowna selecting books for our school! Before the store opened to the public, we were able to choose books for our library, and our students selected everything from picture books to nonfiction. Studies show that students who are given a choice in their reading have higher reading comprehension. This trip to choose books for our library gave students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning. Comments heard throughout the event confirmed that student-led choice is powerfully motivating.

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