Aboriginal Program
Aboriginal Student Advocates provide emotional, social, academic and cultural support to students. They work closely with families, teachers and other personnel to provide service for students.


Children who have Aboriginal ancestry are eligible to receive services through the Aboriginal Education Program in School District No 23.  Aboriginal Student Advocates, and Certified Teachers assist students to help them succeed in school.  Services that our staff provide are as follows:
  • reading and writing in-class support
  • cultural programs at lunch
  • cultural presentations in the class and the school
  • Gr. 2 and 3 Primary Winter Gathering field trip
  • math assistance
  • school-home connection
  • homework clubs

Each fall, parents of those students who have Aboriginal ancestry will be reminded of the services provided to their children, and parents may choose to have only cultural or academic support (or both).

Our aim is to see every Aboriginal sutdent who enters Kindergarten graduate and have a successful, positive school experience.

Quigley's Aboriginal Advocate is Mrs. Christina Verhagen.